About Us

We have been online since 2015. We started in Shopify and then added our presence on Amazon. We are on Etsy too. We're spreading our wings.
All the designs are our own, created in-house, but we have production partners to help us manufactured the items.

We look forward to earning your trusts and your business. 
Let's create something brand new and unique for you at NO EXTRA ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
We would be happy to help you personalize any item(s) in our shop, contact us. 
If you have questions, let us know and we are happy to help.

Our motto, absolutely love your order or contact us and we'll make it right. 
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Shop Boomers Store is all about family and sharing. Our philosophy is giving more. We believe, the more you give, more will come back. What it means, spend less and get more value for you, our customers. We believe in providing good service and good value, and we promise to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. 

Our business is also about doing things that are fun and enjoyable, that's the underlying theme of the business. We created this business because it's a fun business for us. We love the business especially when we can put a smile on our customer face. We hope you like our store and happy shopping.

Thank you for coming to Shop Boomers Store.